Thinking about selling? Get ready!

A home which is prepared for market and priced properly will  bring you:


Lots of them. In the very first days. There are buyers out there, even in the quietest of areas. A proper list price should bring them out, and deliver them in droves.


  • How old is the roof?
  • Do the washer and dryer convey?
  • How fast can the Sellers close?
  • Will they consider paying closing costs?
  • Will they consider that more seriously if those closing costs are worked into the sales price?
  • Can the appraisal support that increased sales price?
  • Is this a short sale?
  • Anything we need to know?
  • Hey Agent – where are the disclosures? We want to write an offer!!

A clear and smooth appraisal process. 

Over priced homes, even if they get an offer, often slide to a screeching halt at appraisal time, when the bank’s valuation team says that the property is not worth what the buyer said they wanted to pay. That means no loan unless everyone jumps through some hoops to work out an alternative to the original financing plan. This often involves extra cash the buyer had not counted on, and they walk on the deal. Which they are permitted to do if they cannot satisfy that financing contingency.

Clear title.

This means that the settlement companies are not spending a bunch of time trying to find out where a long lost family member is – someone who may have lawful rights to the property. It also means that there are not a bunch of leans, tax or other form of unpaid debt, clouding the title.

Clear survey.

If the neighbor’s shed is on the property, is there a document filed at the courthouse which addresses this? Who is responsible for that alley? Is there a road maintenance agreement filed?

Any of these categories which fail to carefully line up will, without question, cause problems with the sale of your home. Being prepared on the front end is crucial.

Because while inventory is shrinking in some areas, the most marketable homes put their best foot forward out of the gate, and sell within weeks of going on the market, not months.

Thinking about selling and not sure how to proceed? Consult your favorite REALTOR®! Staunton, Charlottesville, and Richmond – I can point you in the right direction to conserve energy and maximize profit.

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Happy New Year from all of us at Queen City Concepts!

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