Hey Staunton! Show us your chickens!

After a tireless battle, Staunton residents got their wish. They worked hard, and earned the right to raise backyard chickens in town.

On August 28th, a majority of Staunton’s City Council voted to allow city residents to adopt back yard hens. While there are some restrictions (number of birds permitted, no roosters, must get a one-time $50 permit) this is fantastic news for those of us who have advocated for this change.

Read more about the proceedings here.

Several months ago, I submitted an editorial to the News Leader myself in support of allowing citizen-owned backyard hens. From a real estate standpoint, I see no drawbacks whatsoever. In fact, having a great deal of experience working in the Richmond and Charlottesville markets, where hens are legal already, I can say that backyard hens are of absolutely no detriment that I have ever seen or heard of. (If you are interested in that editorial piece, you will find it  here.)

A hearty congratulations to all of the proponents of this improvement, and their support of a movement that has the potential to increase the health of residents through fresh eggs, increase food sustainability locally, contribute to their own well being in a way that is measurable and interactive, and teach children that there are more creatures besides dogs and cats who can be loved and respected as members of the family. Love your hens!

If you would like to learn more about this effort, and about keeping backyard hens at home, please go to the Facebook Page Staunton City Backyard Hen Advocates.

It’s a thrilling move in the right direction, in my opinion. Huge thanks to all who participated.

Good show!