29 S Coalter St. Staunton – EXTERIOR CHANGES

Staunton’s Gospel Hill is getting a makeover! Quick photo-blog of the exterior changes on 29 S. Coalter Street.

Circa 1889, this home has been sitting vacant for years. It had originally been a single family, and then was turned multi over the years, and then over time it was simply abandoned.

The entire foundation had rotted out, and we needed to rebuild it before we could tackle anything else. We have now completed that lengthy and complicated process, and the interior framing is almost complete.

All of the windows have been rebuilt, the new standing seam metal roof has been installed (by Scott Goirgetti at L & L Roofing 540 280 2239,) and all of the shingles have been stripped – siding repaired as necessary.

In the next couple-few weeks she will be getting a brand new fresh-and-beautiful paint job.

Locals, keep an eye out for big curb improvements to curb appeal.

It’s happening now!