2016 – The Year of Your Financial Freedom

After over a decade, I have cancelled my account with the credit/debt website, TruCredit.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a total dork about knowing about my money. Almost ridiculously, I LOVE keeping tabs on my credit profile, (which contrary to most folks’ knowledge, is a very fluid thing.) I just don’t like spending $18/month to monitor my credit when it can be done for free just as well, or better, by another company.

Last month I heard an ad on the radio for CreditKarma.com. I like to stay up on this stuff because it helps me to better help my clients prepare for purchase, as well. So I created an account.

The process of setting up my account was super simple, and CreditKarma seems to have all of the important bells and whistles of the program that charges monthly. And it’s free!

They have your reports, your debt, your ratios, update your scores every few days, and even have a rough credit simulator. So you can look at your debt, and use a slider to see what might happen to your credit score if you pay off the balances to 50%. And what might happen to your score if you pay them off to 25%. Like that.

Make it your business to understand financial health. Our credit profile should not be something dark and daunting. It should be something that we keep an eye on – like a bank account. Know what is going on in there.

It’s not responsible to be in the dark about our credit. This can feel such a scary black hole to some folks, and it’s actually really easy. We just master credit understanding like we master any skill. It a most important skill!

Financial health brings freedom, and that if you are anything like me, freedom matters. By knowing how much I can afford, I just bought us a new truck! Totally guilt-free.

You really deserve to understand this part of your life. Opportunities are there to be grabbed, and it’s so much better when you know how much you can comfortably do.

Contact me if you want to understand more, and in the meantime, do it now. http://www.creditkarma.com/


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